Romeo’s Agony


No Author. “Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet,”. No Date. Online Image. . March 3rd, 2015

        I have suffered for so long with no hope of meeting my love, my one and only love. I don’t think that I can love another like I love her. I don’t understand how I love her so much without even knowing her name or anything about her, but I do know that she is the love of my life. Her beauty compares to no other in all of the world. I wonder if she even knows who I am, or if I exist at all to her. The death of her is the death of me as well, as my life has no meaning without her. I hope one day, me and my love could be together at last. Our love is sadly forbidden as our families despise each other. I was told of a party at her family house, maybe this is my chance to finally meet and talk to my beautiful love even for a second.