Game Review: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is one of the best games I have ever played, definitely in my top 10, and I’m not alone when I say this. Team Fortress 2 has received critical acclaim from both critics and gamers resulting in a 92 on Metacritic. It is a fantastic game that I have put a total of 342 hours, and counting, into. Before I go in-depth on some of the key parts of why I love this game, I will give some background information on the game. Team Fortress 2 is an FPS video game developed by Valve Co. released on October 7th, 2007. It is a sequel to the 1999 game named, Team Fortress Classic, but the Team Fortress series originally started as a mod for another video game called Quake, the mod was developed by John Cook and Robin Walker, now employees at Valve Co. Now that we understand what Team Fortress 2, I can now discuss the main reasons on what makes this game great for me.

rogerdillon300zx. Feb, 2, 2015. "Display of the 9 classes of Team Fortress 2". Online Image. June, 1, 2015.
rogerdillon300zx. Feb 2, 2015. “Display of the 9 classes of Team Fortress 2”. Online Image. June 1, 2015.


Team Fortress 2 includes 9 classes, which are available as soon as the game begins. They include (left to right) Pyro, Engineer, Spy, Heavy, Sniper, Scout, Soldier, Demoman, and Medic. The classes are one of the best features of this game as they each provide a new way to play the game. Pyro, not afraid to rush into a fight and burn everyone to ashes. Engineer, more of a support class who builds sentries and dispensers to help the team when needed. Spy, a sneaky man who will backstab you when you will least suspect it. Heavy, a “heavy” guy who can shoot thousands of bullets from his minigun without having to even move. Sniper, an extremely patient man who will wait for the perfect chance to get his headshot. Scout, a guy who has no time to stop running unless he’s going to shoot you. Soldier, who can use his rocket launcher to fly right at you and land the perfect shovel attack. Demoman, who loves using grenades to blow his enemies to pieces. Medic, also a great support who is willing to heal any of his teammates when they need it most. These are the ways that I like to play each of these classes, but there are many other ways to play each of these characters which is why so many enjoy playing this game.


On another note, while many FPS (first-person shooter) games don’t include any personality or actually character to their classes, Team Fortress is one of those exceptions. Before the release of Team Fortress 2, Valve created a series of videos for their “Meet the Team” series starting on May 2007 as a form of advertisement. These videos, as well as current in-game dialogue, bring actual personalities to these once meaningless characters that I couldn’t care less for. While it may seem like nothing, I enjoy these videos and love the unique personalities that Valve has added to the classes that help brings actual life to the game.


Another important part of a shooter game are the weapons. The weapons in Team Fortress 2 are very interesting and impact the gameplay for every player. Aside from non-default weapons, there are weapons that can do anything from making you faster or adding more bullets into your magazine. These weapons in the game are added in updates throughout the games 8-year length, piling to a total of 278 unique weapons. These non-default weapons (weapons not received at the start of the game) have both a positive effect and a negative effect to change the way it is used in gameplay and to “balance” it, but sometimes they end up being great or terrible even with these effects. They are probably tens of ways that someone can play Team Fortress 2, and with the use of non-default weapons, it just adds to the total. This lets the player play the game they way they want and the way that they enjoy the most.

Venom517. Jan 17, 2015. "An array of weapons for the TF2 class, Scout" Online Image. June 1, 2015
Venom517. Jan 17, 2015. “An array of weapons for the TF2 class, Scout” Online Image. June 1, 2015.

Art Style

An interesting part of the game is the art style of the game. It is more cartoony than most games you see nowadays, but it brings a unique feeling to the game that appeals to me and others as well. An advantage of these graphics is how it allows gamers who don’t have top-end PC’s to play this game at 60fps. This helps build a bigger community and allows more people to play the game. In my opinion, I would rather want 60 fps than amazing graphics on any video game. If you want to see the graphics of Team Fortress 2, take a look at the photo below to see the art style choice of the game.

Unknown. Unknown. "Screenshot of Engineers in Team Fortress 2". Online Image. June 1, 2015.
No Author. No Date. “Screenshot of Engineers in Team Fortress 2”. Online Image. June 1, 2015.

To conclude, those are the main reasons why I think Team Fortress 2 is a great game. The classes, their personalities, the variety of weapons, and the unique art style. I could get into more in-depth features such as cosmetics, the item economy, strange weapons, Mann vs Machine, etc. which makes the game even better but I’ll let you learn all that if you eventually play it, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t since the game is FREE on Steam right now. I hope you enjoyed reading about why I like playing Team Fortress 2 and I hope you enjoy playing it as well.