Why PC is the Best Platform for Gamers (Essay)

Video games began in the 1940’s with games like Pong, Space Wars and Tennis For Two. They have changed throughout history and have become a huge part of society and modern-day life and has drawn in over a billion people around the world. It has united people together and has also become a unique form of social media. Video games have changed throughout the past along with the machines that play them. One video game platform that has evolved but has not been forgotten is the PC. Video games have become important to me and to millions of other people. That is why every gamer should have the best experience when doing what they love by playing on the PC as the platform and games are relatively cheaper, the graphics are better, and the modding capabilities.

Many people think that gaming on PCs cost thousands of dollars, but that is just a big misunderstanding. Buying and building a PC that is equivalent to a console (performance wise) is actually cheaper than buying a console itself. It’s also possible to build a PC with more performance than a console for the same price of a console.[1] This shows how simple it is to assemble the parts of a cheap yet powerful PC. While many people may believe that “buying a console is simpler than building a PC.” and while that is somewhat true, it’s worth the effort to build a PC. Buying a pre-built PC is also a choice if building a PC is something they are not fine with, but it will cost more money. Another important aspect of a gaming platform are the games itself and the cost of purchasing the games, which can pile up to hundreds of dollars. Buying games on consoles cost an average of $60 and lowers to at least $20 after a couple months from release but it is a different story when buying games on a PC. Buying video games on a PC is very cheap (relative to console games) due to the fact of Steam sales.[2] Steam is a digital video game distributor created by Valve Corporation and every summer and winter, there is a huge sale on thousands of games on Steam ranging up to 90% off. This shows that getting a PC and buying PC games is cheaper than on consoles.

Graphics is important in a video game as they provide realism and detail. Resolution is an important part of graphics and they represent the amount of pixels in length and width. Next-gen consoles run at only an average of 900p on a PS4 and 720p on a XBOX One, these resolutions are HD (high definition) but they are still less than what a PC can reach. Graphics on an average PC can easily outdo a next-gen console in most games as an average PC can run any game at 1080p (graphic settings may vary) and many top-end PCs can go higher to 1440p or even 4K (3840×2160).[3] Here is an example of an average PC at only $400, around the same price of a current gen console, that can run games at 1080p. 1080p, 1440p, and 4K resolutions bring incredible detail to a video game and can truly amaze people to what a videogame can do. While resolution and graphics are important, there is another aspect to video games that is equally important, frame rate. Video games on a next-gen consoles run at only 30fps while computer monitors and TVs can project at 60fps or even 120 fps. Video games on a PC can run up to 60 fps or even higher depending on the hardware of the PC. A higher frame rate offers a smoother gameplay to the gamer. While many people don’t believe that there is a difference between 30 and 60 fps or that “the human eye can only see at 24fps” but that is not true.[4] This clearly shows a difference between 30fps and 60fps as the 60fps shows a smoother gameplay which is more suitable when playing video games. This is how graphics and frame rates make a difference in gameplay that is only unique on a PC.

Modding is an amazing way to make a great game even better and it is only available on a PC. Many popular modding games are Skyrim, Fallout, and Minecraft which have thousands of mods available on many websites such as Nexus.[5] On Nexus, there are thousands of mods for hundreds of games. This provides thousands of new gameplay never introduced in the original games. Modding also allows people to make a game have better graphics, different gameplay elements, more weapons, cheats, etc. Modding has existed for years and is still continuing to show new ideas never seen before. While many people may believe that a game is better without mods, I believe that this is not true and that mods enhance the game to whole new level. Mods are also very easy to install with the use of mod managers such as Nexus Mod Manager.[6] The Nexus Mod Manager is a very simple program that is able to install mods with two clicks of a button, one to download and one to install, and is able to work with many games. Mods are one of the best things that PC’s can offer as they can appeal to every person’s interests and expectations of a game.

To conclude, the PC has many advantages compared to other modern platforms, such as how cheap the platform is as well as the games itself, the superior graphics, and the capabilities of mods. PC have so many advantages that there is no reason why someone would not have one. PC continues to grow and evolve with new technology every day while consoles stay the same half a decade later so why not go get a PC and enjoy the best a video game can offer.


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