Game Review: Fallout New Vegas

Solidus85, No Date, “Fallout New Vegas Poster” Online Image. 16 June 2015

Fallout New Vegas is the fourth installment of the Fallout Series after Fallout 3. It was developed by Obsidian though the series is owned by Bethesda, and it was released in 2010. I decided to do a review of Fallout: New Vegas due to the recent announcement of Fallout 4 and my excitement is through the roof, so let’s begin! The reasons why Fallout New Vegas is a great game to me is due to the story, the modding capability, and gameplay.

To start off, the story begins with you hand-tied in front of 5 men. One of them doesn’t look like the others and he is the only one with a gun. He talks about the game being rigged from the start which we don’t understand until later in the game. He shoots the player and that’s where the game begins. The player wakes up in a house belonging to a man named Doc Mitchell and realizes that Doc Mitchell saved him by taking the bullet out his head. This is where the story is now made to your liking and that is one of the most interesting features of the Fallout series. The story is played to how you want it. There are multiple ways to end a main quest and even a side quest depending on what you prefer the most. It could be evil, neutral, good, or a bit of all of them and this impacts the karma of your character, which I’ll talk about in the gameplay paragraph. The ending, which I will not spoil right now, has a total of 12 endings based on your karma, the choices you make, the people you befriend or kill, and a lot of other factors. This is just one reason why I love the story in Fallout NV.

To continue, the modding capability of this game is endless with mods ranging from graphic mods to gameplay effects and changes. There are graphic mods that can change the entire game into something new and fresh which is great as the graphics in the vanilla game aren’t so great. Also, there are gameplay mods to change the mechanics of the game such as adding settlements to build, new companions, new quests, etc. The reason why I love these mods is because it allows the game to become more interesting and better than what the developers have made. It allows me as the player to adjust the game to the way I would want it to be by using multiple mods. If you want see the effects of graphic mods look at the photo and video below:

Ruby102, 22 Feb 2014, “Screenshot of Fallout New Vegas with ENB.” Online Image. 16 June 2015.

Lastly, the gameplay is also an important part of any video game as graphics will mean nothing without great gameplay and a solid story. The gameplay of Fallout New Vegas is very simple at first and then gets a bit complicating. At its core, Fallout New Vegas is just a first-person shooter or third-person if you prefer that. You get guns and shoot stuff. It gets more complicating when you are introduced to new guns and new features such as VATS (The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) which allows you to stop time and focus on a single enemy which you choose to shoot in a specific part of his body. The factors that decide what chance you have of hitting the enemy are based on distance, the weapon you are using, the quality of the weapon, and many other things. Another great gameplay feature of the Fallout series is the karma. Your karma changes based on your actions in any point of the game. For example, stealing someone else’s property will cause you to lose karma and giving a homeless a bottle of water will get you more karma. It will change how the story flows and how other characters will treat you (If you have good karma, bad people will hate you and if you have you have bad karma, good people will hate you.). This shows how great the gameplay of Fallout: New Vegas is.

To conclude, Fallout: New Vegas is a great game in my opinion because of the story, the modding capabilities, and the gameplay. Fallout: New Vegas is filled with choices that make an impact on the story and tons of gameplay hours, plus with mods there are countless more hours to the total. There is no game that I have played that allows me to experience the impacts of choices plus a very atmospheric setting of a post-apocalyptic world, except for Fallout 3. That is why I Fallout: New Vegas is a great game to me.

The game is available on PC: Steam, Xbox 360 and PS3. (The mods are only available on the PC version)

1. Have you played Fallout: New Vegas? If you have played it, did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

2. If you have not, why?